Blue Turtle Apartments
Ocean City MD Senior Week

Catering EXCLUSIVELY to high school and college groups!

We are one of a very few senior week rental establishments that offer "OCEANSIDE" Apartments. This coming 2017 season will be the Blue Turtle's 20th year in Ocean City, renting "full week" vacations (Saturday to Saturday) to ONLY senior week high school graduates, as well as to college groups. The Blue Turtle Apartments are a 4-Plex Apartment building is privately owned and operated by Jim and Tracey Hofman, who also own and operate Pino's Pizza, just up the street. Our Blue Turtle Apartment housings are located on 57th Street "Oceanside", only a half block to the beach and no streets to cross while walking up to one of the cleanest, sandy beaches in the world.

Welcome, 2017 Graduates!

The Blue Turtle Apartments in Ocean City Maryland are exclusively for high school senior week graduates and college groups all summer long. Our Blue Turtle Apartments offer a great beach week place for ONLY young adults. No families or adults to bother you while you enjoy your senior weeks during your Ocean City beach week rental experience. The whole 4-plex building is ALWAYS just young groups of kids. Our "Kids-Only" policy here in Ocean City Maryland has been working perfectly. Ocean City senior week rentals are about kids with kids. The track record has been 100% senior week kids and no college groups in June. But, in May, July, and August, it is a mix of both High School and college groups. The college groups are almost always groups that have previously stayed the previous year as senior weekers. We are very proud to have a 65% GROUP RETURN RATIO of post high school graduates.

Renting to large groups of high school senior week graduates here in Ocean City has been our sincere pleasure. Student friendly rentals are what we offer so the kids can have a good time, but since Pino's Pizza (my pizza shop) is only a minute from the rental, we are randomly around the apartments enough to make sure things are cool. The bottom line is that as long as the groups keep it down as well as try to keep it inside after 11, the surrounding family rentals will be happy and not complain about noise.

After being in the senior week rental business for 20 years we feel we have become one of Ocean City's finer senior week rental establishments for the "over-all" fun and memorable beach week experience by the students involved. We live locally and are "at-hand" and "on-call" 24/7 for any needs to be met by the students as well as the parents. This applies both before the beach week vacation starts as well as during the actual senior week in Ocean City Md. We are the fast connectors between the parents and the kids if ever needed. We only have this one 4-plex building that we own and operate, so we are able to offer quality control for everyone involved. We are not an agency that loosely handles 100s of rentals. We are available by phone to answer questions or concerns of the kids and parents.

We are very aware that both kids and parents have many questions about our rentals, and we really do welcome all your direct phone calls to us to discuss anything you would like in length. We realize this is a big undertaking, a big commitment, as well as a lot of money involved. Our job is to make the whole process smooth for everyone.

Rent up to all 4 Blue Turtle Apartments in Ocean City Maryland, and have the whole building exclusively for your classmates! These Apartments have had a safe and successful record for senior week graduate rentals because it is located on a safe and attractive street in a mid town Ocean City location away from the congested downtown area of Ocean City Md. This 4-plex building beach house offers a great location that is only steps to the beach, restaurants, shopping, and a bus stop that is directly on the same street that our Apartments are on.

From mid-July through Labor Day, the Blue Turtle Apartment house of Ocean City Maryland continues to offer weekly rentals in all four Apartments strictly to high school and college age groups. After the prime senior weeks of June wind up, rental rates then decrease rapidly into July and August. So, anyone that has a lower budget senior week vacation in mind, we are here for you too, and suggest that you enjoy your high school senior week beach week in July or August instead with us. You have our guarantee that our entire 4-plex condo building will be filled with ONLY high school and college age kids all summer long. You can have just as much fun in July and August, and it is much cheaper then June rates. In July and August, almost half of our tenants are college kids who are returning from the following year, after having spent their prior year with us for the high school senior week.

We invite you to come to OC MD. Come and enjoy the oceans invigorating salty air. Come to OC MD and feel the pure joy of breaking far away to enjoy the freedom of the beach. Let the constant rumble of waves relax you while chillin' out under a big beach umbrella. Ocean City Maryland and the Blue Turtle Apartments are waiting with open arms and open beaches to help your senior week group make some beach week memories to keep for a lifetime.

Please note that a limited number of units are available at our 4-plex apartment building, so it is suggested that your beach house reservations be made as soon as possible. Most senior week apartment rental units get reserved in the November, December, and January months. Call today and reserve your senior week house for some fun in the sun in OC MD!

Each Apartment Includes:

  • Two furnished bedrooms.
  • Furnished living room.
  • One full bathroom with shower and tub.
  • Full kitchen with some appliances for the stove.
  • Plates, glasses, silverware, some cooking ware, microwave, etc.
  • Central AC/heat pump.
  • Electric.
  • Cable TV.
  • Private front porch with 6-foot long bench on each.
  • Plenty of parking in front, or large back areas. No car limits.
  • Ocean views from upper Apartments #3 and #4.
  • Vacuum.
  • Saturday cleaning service between departures and arrivals.
  • Fully Insured.
  • "At-hand" and "on-call" 24/7 for any needs to be met by the students as well as the parents.
Each apartment has 2 bedrooms. Each of the two bedrooms have an identical set up as follows: A heavy duty twin bunk-bed and a full size bed. Each group must bring your own pillows, linens, and blankets (or comforters) for a total of 4 twin beds, and 2 full beds.

What to Bring:

  • All linens, pillows, blankets, and or bed spreads
  • Beach towels, beach chairs, boogie boards, and sun block
  • Huge beach sheets as base to lay towels on
  • Bathroom amenities, include towels and wash cloths, soap and shampoo etc.
  • Some warm clothes - Nights can get chilly in May and June
  • FOOD AND DRINKS - plastic wrap and aluminum foil
  • To avoid having to do dishes, many people bring a load of disposable paper plates, utensils, and plastic cups.
  • Paper towels, dishtowels, and toilet paper
  • Cell phone and cell phone charger.
  • Camera
  • Extra hangers
  • Money
  • Huge trash bags for a 32 gallon trash can
WHAT NOT TO BRING: Anything with a speaker bigger then 3 inches across. If you do, WE WILL KNOW, TRUST US. You cannot hide a deep bass that comes from a 12" speaker. If I am not there to hear it, the neighbors are, and will call us. And trust us, THEY CALL! If this occurs, your group will be fined $200 and be asked to leave it in the car. If somehow the speaker makes itself back into the apartment, your group will be asked to vacate.


Holding/Security deposit required for rentals that starts May 6th, 13th, & 20th is $500.

Holding/Security deposit required for rentals that starts May 27th & for all of June is $1000.

Holding/Security deposit required for rentals that starts in July is $750.

Holding/Security deposit required for rentals that start in August is $500.

The security deposit is necessary up front to hold an apartment for you and your senior week group along with 2 signed Contracts, located here in printable form. The security deposit is NOT part of the rent. The Renters holding/security deposit for the apartment is absolutely non-refundable if your group backs out at a later time. The only way the Renter would receive a refund of the groups' holding deposit, is if the Owner had another Renter ready to take the Apartment at the same rate.

An Apartment's space cannot be held until we receive an absolute verbal confirmation that the security/holding deposit check and contracts are "ready to be dropped in the mail". We must receive a phone call and have a conversation with you BEFORE MAILING THE 2 CONTRACTS, DEPOSIT, and self addressed stamped envelope with 3 stamps. PLEASE DO NOT JUST LEAVE A MESSAGE FOR US.

At that point, the interested senior week party must call the Owner and the Owner will block the apartment for that senior week and provide the Renter with 5 business days for the Owner to receive the deposit and contracts via mail. If the Owner has not received the holding deposit within the 5 days, the reservation will be released and the apartment will go to any "waiting" interested senior week groups automatically.

Mail Contacts and Payments to:

Jim and Tracey Hofman
6 Brookton Lane
Ocean Pines, MD 21811

NOTE: Please make check out to "Jim Hofman".

Please only write ONE CHECK for the Security Deposit and then only ONE CHECK as well, for the rent payment.

Each of the group members are to give their security holding deposits "share" to the group leader, or the group leaders parents, so he or she can deposit it into their personal bank account, and then write one check to "Jim Hofman".

Print this complete rental Contract/Agreement twice. Completely fill out both copies and mail it with the holding/security deposit check. Also, include a self-addressed envelope with two regular stamps, so the Owner can send back a signed copy. We keep the second copy for our records.

After paying the holding/security deposit, the actual rent (plus tax) is all due at least 60 days prior to "move in" date. If the "payment-60-days-prior-to-move-in" is not received, the beach week group forfeits the holding/ security deposit and will not be entitled possession of the apartment. Only checks, money orders, and cashier's checks, are accepted for payment. If your senior week group DOES bail out after having sent the deposit, your group will lose all of your deposit unless you know another senior week group who will take it immediately at the same rate. We always keep a "waiting list" of any senior week groups who are eager to take an apt in case someone bails. If this occurs, you will get all your holding deposit back, minus a $50 re-booking fee. There is also a $50 bounced check fee. If we receive a bounced check, we may or may not offer your senior week group one last chance to overnight a cashier's check to us. But if we do offer that option, and your high school beach week group fails to get us a cashier's check within 48 hours, and then consider the rental lost, as we will immediately sell it to any waiting senior week groups. For the record, this place gets almost all if its June bookings during November through January months. By January 1st, the serious senior week groups have all locked in their rentals. I.E., the later a beach week group cancels, the less likely they will get their deposit back. So, to cover our end with any cancellations, after January 1st, we keep the holding deposit, subtract that amount for the rentals original price, and then put it back up for rent for the difference. Sort of like when a bank sells a foreclosed house, and only wants the remainder of money that is owed.

After February 1st, any senior week rental slots that remain open are then subject to new reservation policies. For anyone calling us to do a rental AFTER February 1st, your group will be required to be paid in full along with the security/clean-up deposit, as well as the contracts and sent by over-night mail. Also, by that time, cashier check or money orders only will be accepted.

Our suggestion for the fastest way to reserve an apartment is if the group "leader" or parent sends deposit check immediately, and then gets the others members of the group to pay later. Many groups call us and want to reserve an apartment, but then delay it till they get each group members share of it. The problem there is that after a week or two has passed, we get the call from the same group saying, "Ok, we have all the deposit all together now". But the problem here is that a lot of the time, by then, the last apt for that week was already taken. Also, for the Renter to be assured the holding/security deposit gets to the Owner on time, spend $15.65 at the Post Office and "over-night" it. We will sign and send one of the contracts back to you as your receipt that we received your security deposit, and that everything was correct and good to go.

All Links and Contracts:

Blue Turtle Apartments of Ocean City, Maryland are locally owned, rented, and maintained by Jim and Tracey Hofman (Home) 410-208-1317, (Cell) 410-422-4780. Call ANYTIME, day or night, and even late-night.



CLICK HERE For Rates and Availability. We are now taking reservations for 2017 Senior Week Rentals.

Blue Turtle apartments are privately owned, rented, and maintained by Jim and Tracey Hofman
Please Send Contracts and Payments to:
Blue Turtle Apartments Jim and Tracey Hofman / #6 Brookton Lane / Ocean Pines, Maryland 21811
For information, please call Jim or Tracey Hofman
Home: 410-208-1317, Tracey's cell 410-422-2626 or call Jim's cell at 410-422-4780 any time day or night.
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